Z-Supreme™ 3100T White

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Price is for Box of 4 rolls

Product Description:

Matt white polyimide with a high temperature resistant adhesive

Media Type:Label

Material Type:Synthetic

Print Technology:Thermal-transfer

Environment Properties:Indoor use for up to 1 year, Indoor use for 1 year+

Adhesive Properties:Permanent

Resistance Properties:Chemical resistance: Extreme, Ultra high temperatures: 500˚C+, High temperatures: 150˚C, Cold temperatures: -20˚C, Deep freeze temperatures: -40˚C, Water resistance


Industry Application
Manufacturing Printed circuitboard top- and bottom-side labelling up to 575°C (short-term exposure); high-temperature industrial applications


Zebra PolyO 3100T, label roll, synthetic, 102x152mm(tt1045 - 3009050)
Zebra PolyO 3100T, label roll, synthetic, glossy, for midrange/high end printers, core: 76mm, diameter: 200mm, dimensions (WxH): 102x152mm, 950 labels/roll, rec. ribbon: 3200 wax/resin, 4800 resin, 5095 resin