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The naturaSign Pad Classic with black-and-white screen and USB connection is the official successor to the classic naturaSign Pad I and II, of which one hundred thousand have already been sold and which is developed and manufactured by StepOver in Germany. Although on the outside it looks the same as its predecessor from the naturaSign Pad Standard series, the screen resolution has been increased, so images and text are displayed even better.


Stability, ergonomics and aesthetics at the height of classic style

This signature pad was the first to offer a black-and-white screen whilst being as thin as a CD case, yet managing to offer stability at the same time. Its high strength is due to the specially reinforced sides: 40% of its 1 cm depth is dedicated to reinforcing the casing. Thanks to the standard mini-USB port, there are no more problems with the length of the cable. While desktop computers often require a long connection cable, with laptops, a shorter cable is more comfortable. With this port, there is also no more discomfort with having to connect the cable under the table in fixed workplaces.


The ideal signature pad for right-handed people...

Thanks to its flat design, displaced sensor range with underlying display and on-screen "rotate button", which enables the rotation by 180º of the signature pad and the hand support, for the first time both right- and left-handed people can adopt an optimal writing position, similar to that of a paper pad.


... and for left-handed people

The integrated monochrome black-and-white screen shows the signature in real time and can be used to insert text, graphics, document extracts and interactive buttons.


The protective case for the naturaSign Pad Classic

The naturaSign Pad Classic devices comes as standard with a practical protective case for transport and travel (the protective case is included in the list price). The case is made of high-quality recyclable plastic (polyamide) material and was especially developed to meet the high demands of intensive use in the most testing conditions. The protective case contains space for the signature device and the required USB connecting cable. For project use, the signature pad is also offered without the protective case.

It's ever-reliable features

The naturaSign Pad Classic features a horizontal slot to hold the pen, that protects it during transit, as well as another slot for use in retail locations that allows it to stand vertically. The pen (naturaPen) is connected to the device so it cannot be lost. Thanks to the use of a new special material, the stylus is particularly resistant to wear and, in turn, effectively protects the sensor, preventing it from becoming scratched. As well as comfortable signing on the surface of the sensor, it is also possible, to a certain extent, to display specific texts for each client. To insert longer texts, we recommend our naturaSign Pad Mobile. All naturaSign Pad models feature a unique hardware identification number (serial number) that allows each signature to be accurately assigned to a specific signature pad.

The highest possible security proof

Every StepOver signature pad has a unique certificate for the digital signature (2048-bit RSA): through this, it is possible for the pad’s secure internal signature creation unit to sign the relevant document, and later to also unambiguously assign it to a specific signature pad. Furthermore, the signature pad contains a public key from a second key pair, created by a notary public. This key securely encrypts the biometric data of your signature in the pad. In this way, highly sensitive data is never found decrypted in the "unsecured" environment i.e. your computer. The private key from this second key pair is safely stored with the notary public.

Security for you

The unique security concept of this StepOver signature pad guarantees that the user has the highest possible security proof at court, as the provider has no way of manipulating it even as the user of this signature solution.

This StepOver signature pad is suitable for developing a system for simple and advanced electronic signatures as per EU guideline 1999/93/EG.


Special functions and features


    • Improved screen resolution
    • Third generation of the one hundred thousand-selling classic, the naturaSign Pad Standard
    • Comes with a protective case
    • Affordable signature pad from the naturaSign series