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StepOver NaturaSign Pad Comfort

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The naturaSign Pad Comfort with its brilliant screen and Micro USB connection is the latest must-have for mobile signature capture, especially for work in the field. It has been developed and produced by StepOver in Germany. Its brilliant colour-screen, extremely flat design (under 1 cm thin) and rounded edges, make this signature tablet a highly compact yet stable and elegant device.


Colour screen with many possibilities

The colour screen provides you with enough space to insert long texts and messages. You can customise the design of the standard signature field according to your requirements.


Sign directly onto the document

The colour screen not only allows you to view small sections of text, but also allows you to sign directly onto the full document; just as if you were signing paper. The signature is displayed on the colour screen in real time - just like signing paper.

More than just a signature...

The high-resolution colour screen enables the document to be displayed directly on the pad, enabling you to scroll through as well as zoom in and out.


Customer interaction, simplified

The dialogue mode for our project-related jobs!

The customer can provide all of their required information from the tablet itself, without the need for a second screen. This is particularly useful for transactions at the service counter.

You can find out more about the pad’s dialogue mode here.


A shining display!

When the device is in standby mode, the brilliant colour screen, with its 480 x 272 pixel resolution, will display your latest products, offers, solutions and services, in the form of a slideshow. To upload, organise and update images using the internal memory of the signature pad, you can use our free StepOver ImageLoader application.

Saves space, resistant and elegant at the same time

All of the edges and corners of the case are rounded, making it more resistant to knocks. Thanks to its flat design (9.5 mm), it is perfect for carrying in a bag or laptop case. The surface of the sensor, resistant and perfectly level with the casing, is particularly easy to clean.

Plug cavity for the USB - connector

The input for the USB cable protects the connection, especially against pressure applied to the sides.

The highest possible security proof

Every StepOver signature pad has a unique certificate for digital signature (2048-bit RSA): through this, it is possible for the pad’s secure internal signature creation unit to sign the relevant document, and later to also unambiguously assign it to a specific signature pad. Furthermore, the signature pad contains a public key from a second key pair, created by a notary public. This key securely encrypts the biometric data of your signature in the pad. In this way, highly sensitive data is never found decrypted in the "unsecured" environment: i.e., your computer. The private key from this second key pair is safely stored with the notary public.

Security for you

The unique security concept of this StepOver signature pad guarantees that the user has the highest possible security proof at court, as the provider has no way of manipulating it even as the user of this signature solution.

This StepOver signature pad is suitable for developing a system for simple and advanced electronic signatures as per EU guideline 1999/93/EG.

Special features


    • High-resolution colour screen (480 x 272 pixel)
    • Colour screen for displaying signatures, texts, document extracts and interactive buttons
    • Slide show: 4 images (even buildable by freeStepOver ImageLoader)
    • Adjust the brightness of the screen and or disable the colour display using the free StepOver ImageLoader in order to save power
    • Document viewing mode
    • Dialogue mode
    • Emblematic and resistant, perfect for mobile use
    • Plug cavity for the USB - connector, thus very durable


General features


    • Save paper (forms) and thus costs
    • No costs for printing, mailing, faxing or scanning of documents signed
    • More efficient workflow
    • Significantly faster turnaround
    • Easy repetition of failed signatures without paper - and a waste of time
    • Suitable for right and left handers
    • Easily accessible and secure pen storage for left and right handed
    • No special pen required (without batteries or risk of cable breakage)
    • Additional pen holder on top of the case for stationary use

More general features


  • Pin fixing with generously sized spiral cord
  • Screw pillars for fixed mounting on stationary use
  • Unbeatable accurate detection of the signature data (maximum image resolution, pressure and time) for the best possible comparability by a handwriting expert
  • Document integrity is ensured by our unique security concept with asymmetric encryption
  • Equipped with the StepOver Long Life Sensor
  • USB cable: 200 cm (replaceable with a USB cable up to 300 cm in length)
  • No extra power supply (USB - cable is sufficient)