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StepOver DuraSign Pad Brilliance USB

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The duraSign Pad Brilliance is the first in the line of an entirely new product family - the "duraSign Pad Series" from StepOver Europe. This product series - and by extension this signature pad - stands out for its extreme durability coupled with outstanding security features and an elegant appearance.

Together with its off-set screen, the construction of this signature pad offers unparalleled ergonomics for signatories: whether you are left- or right-handed, it feels just like signing a piece of paper. Outstanding internal pad security coupled with an optional real-time clock for a secure date stamp on every signature as well as optional opening recognition, make this signature pad a truly extraordinary product.

Compatibility with our other software products is only guaranteed with the most up-to-date version.


duraSign stands for durability!

The duraSign Pad Brilliance with bright colour screen and USB port has been designed and manufactured especially for frequent and heavy use at the sales counter. Its elegant yet robust construction featuring a 3 mm polycarbonate case and a large, hardened glass surface makes this signature pad an attractive solution built to last.

Sophisticated detailed solution for everyday stationary transactions

The duraSign Pad Brilliance features a vertical stylus holder for secure storage and easy access. The new "duraPen 1" battery free electromagnetic stylus is securely attached to the casing by a tear-proof cord. The duraPen 1 and the cord can be replaced on site, with no need to open or post the casing.

The USB port with cable channel sunk into the casing base combines the advantages of a sturdy supply cable with the flexibility of a replaceable standard USB cable. (Impossible to unplug by mistake, various cable lengths, option to replace there and then without needing to send away, etc.

High-resolution colour screen - plenty of flexibility

The high-resolution colour screen gives you enough space to insert long texts, messages and interactive buttons. You can adjust the design of the screen content just as you please. At the counter it is often difficult to turn the screen to the client and not disclose the displayed information to as yet unauthorised persons.


Sign the document directly

The colour screen not only allows you to view small sections of text, it also allows you to sign directly on the document. The signature is displayed on the signature pad colour screen in real time - just like on paper.

Terminal server capability

The duraSign Pad Brilliance signature pad also allows you to select a different transmission protocol at any time (HID, VCOM, Wyse). It is therefore possible to adapt to an altered IT landscape (terminal server, Citrix, thin client, Windows CE) even at a later date.


Customer dialogue using the signature pad

Dialogue mode for our project-related clients.
The customer can enter all the relevant user information on the signature pad itself, without the need for a second screen. This is particularly useful for transactions at the service counter.


Present yourself brilliantly!

With its 800 x 480 pixel resolution, the bright colour screen will show your latest offers, products, solutions and services to their best advantage, in the form of a slideshow in stand-by mode. Upload, organise and update images in the signature pad's internal memory using our free StepOver ImageLoader.

Anti-theft guarantee thanks to Kensington lock

Besides the fact that the signature pad can be fixed to the counter via screw mounting on the back cover, the Kensington lock also prevents the theft of the signature pad.

Opening recognition - security at the counter

The duraSign Pad Brilliance features an optional internal battery, which supplies an internal memory unit with power for several years (usually the pad's entire life span). This internal memory unit holds a key that is unique to every single pad, as long as it is supplied with power. If the casing is opened, the power supply is interrupted and the key is deleted. The next time the pad is switched on, the firmware integrated into the main processor ascertains that the key for the volatile memory is no longer equivalent to its own, and thus that the signature pad may have been tampered with. Please contact us before ordering if you are interested in this feature.

The highest possible proof of security

Each StepOver signature pad has a unique certificate for digital signature (2048 bit RSA): the internal signature creation unit signs the relevant document in a completely safe way, after which the signature can be assigned to a specific signature pad at a later time. Furthermore, the signature pad contains a public key of a second key pair, generated by a notary public. This key securely encrypts the biometric data of your signature in the signature pad. As a result, highly sensitive data is never found decrypted on your potentially unsecured environment i.e. computer. The private key for decryption is safely stored with the notary public.

Security for you

The unique security concept of this StepOver signature pad guarantees that the user has the highest possible proof of security in court, since not even the user has any way of tampering with this signature solution.

This StepOver signature pad is suitable for developing a system for simple and advanced electronic signatures according to EU guideline 1999/93/EG.

Special features


    • High resolution colour screen (800x480 pixels)
    • Colour screen for displaying signatures, texts, documents, clippings, and interactive buttons
    • View the full document on large colour screen using scrolling feature
    • Slide show: max. 4 images (can be generated yourself via the free StepOver ImageLoader)
    • Adjust the brightness of the pad screen and deactivate the colour screen using the free StepOver ImageLoader (power-saving!)
    • Document display mode
    • Dialogue mode
    • Option to switch to different transmission protocols (HID - driverless, VCom - port forwarding / Com port forwarding, Wyse - ThinOS)
    • Anti-theft feature with Kensington lock slot (certain models only; please see data sheet)


General functions


    • Save paper (forms) and therefore costs
    • No expenses for printing, mailing, faxing or scanning signed documents
    • More efficient workflow
    • Significantly faster processing times
    • Easy to repeat failed signatures without wasting paper or time
    • Cost savings through avoiding additional monitors at the counter
    • Suitable for right and left-handed signatories
    • Easily accessible stylus holder on the rear of the case for stationary use
    • Special stylus necessary (no batteries necessary for the stylus)


More general functions


  • Hardened glass as desk pad and 3 mm casing thickness for maximum durability
  • Stylus secured with generously sized spiral cord
  • Screw pillars for mounting on counters for stationary use
  • Unbeatably precise capture of signature data (maximum image resolution, pressure and time) for optimum  comparability by handwriting expert
  • Document integrity is ensured by our unique and patented safety concept with asymmetric encryption in signature pad
  • USB cable: 200 cm long (can be replaced by a standard USB cable up to 300 cm in length)
  • No extra power supply (USB - cable is sufficient)