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If you are interested in signing documents in the "Cloud" please contact us and we can arrange a demonstration.


In the cloud, on your smartphone or using a StepOver signature pad - legally compliant, tested, proven and eIDAS compliant.

The electronic signature has many forms, you can sign a PDF online in many ways. With your smartphone, a tablet, a PC or a signature pad. Certificate based or handwritten.

The digital signature offers enormous advantages. Your customers, employees and business partners sign a PDF document online, promptly, contactless, efficiently and wherever they are. This speeds up your business processes and makes them even more transparent.

StepOver's electronic signature solutions cover all areas of online signatures, whether on the smartphone, tablet, PC or a signature pad. Sign your documents securely and online in all conceivable situations. As one of the pioneers of the electronic signature, StepOver covers the complete range of digital signatures with integrated solutions.

Data security and data protection with regard to the digital signature are significant requirements. This also includes the hosting of your data - on a certified secure server in the cloud or internally on your servers. With StepOver, you have a partner who can efficiently implement all scenarios.  

Legal security naturally plays a major role in digital signatures. The eIDAS regulation (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) regulates this for the European Economic Area. All StepOver solutions are of course eIDAS compliant. This applies to the handwritten electronic signature and the certificate-based electronic signature.

The different server models

Online Signature Service
Our partner StepOver International GmbH offers online signature service for individuals and smaller companies. Within a very short time, you can upload and sign documents via the user interface or invite other people to sign your documents.

Self-hosting model
This model is intended for corporate customers who value having everything under their own control and being able to fully integrate webSignatureOffice into their own web application (via web service).

Software as a Service model (SaaS model)
This model is also intended for corporate customers who want to integrate our webSignatureOffice services into their own web application (via web service), but do not want to host the servers themselves. Our partner StepOver International GmbH offers a SaaS service for this purpose.


webSignatureOffice(.com) supports both the use of a certificate-based digital signature (i.e. without a signature capture device) and the use of the handwritten signature using a signature pad *, tablet or smartphone. Furthermore, you can also sign with our free apps (iSignatureOffice / iOS and aSignatureOffice / Android), as they are fully supported by webSignatureOffice.

*When using your device for the first time, you will be asked to install a small Java program which will connect your StepOver signature pad to a local WebSocket so that webSignatureOffice can access it (works with all common browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge).

Specify signature fields

When you select a document, you can initially determine where the signatures are required and whether they are optional or mandatory in the document. The signature position is specified manually by dragging a signature field with the mouse.

Add signatories

For each signature field, one person or group (consisting of several persons, one of whom must sign) can be specified. Of course, you can also set yourself as a signatory. New participants can also be invited as signatories via e-mail. They will then be able to view, fill in and sign the document after registration. You can also create document links for "unknown signatories" if you want to obtain signatures from people who have not been previously registered with webSignatureOffice. These links can be sent from webSignatureOffice to any e-mail address or copied and shared with another application.

Invite signatories and monitor the process

For time coordination, you can enter a due date by which all signatures required in the document must have been executed. The automatic reminder service of webSignatureOffice(.com) will then inform the persons and groups concerned about any missing signatures before the deadline expires and keep you informed about the status of the process. If not, all mandatory fields have been signed within the specified due date, the signature request will fail but can be renewed by the creator with one click.


The signatory automatically receives an e-mail from the system with a link to the document to be signed. As soon as the signer starts the signature process, they will be automatically directed to all signature fields which have been assigned to the concerned person. Signatures of others that have already been executed are visible.

After signing

After the successful completion of your process, if applicable, all other signatories will receive the signed document for further processing and archiving. Also, you will be notified via e-mail when other signatories have executed their signatures or when the signature request has been completed.

Signature verification

webSignatureOffice(.com) uses ISO-compliant signatures which enable any recipient to check the document using free application software (e.g. Adobe Reader).