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Pago Stand alone card terminals .One time buy and custom % rates- No monthly rental

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Pago offers a fast and simple payment solution using stand alone card terminals- no need to connect to a tablet, phone or PC to take payments.

Two connection options- Wi-Fi or GPRS ( theBP5000 has both in one device) means great flexibility depending if you will be using in Store or at a Pop up, Stall , Exhibition etc.

With no fees to join, no PCI Compliance charges, no monthly minimum charges and with low rates based on turnover- we are talking 1% and below on a turnover of €129k.

Reporting is via a Web portal.

For more information and a quote please email us charles@pos-hardware.co.uk

Hardware is available as a one -off purchase- no monthly leases charges.

BluePad-5000 is a desktop mobile payment terminal. It accepts all forms of 
payment: Magnetic stripe, EMV Chip&PIN and Contactless cards and includes a printer to seamlessly print your receipt.

The BluePad-5000 meets the latest EMV and PCI PTS 4.x specifications for encrypting PIN-entry devices. Available with USB/Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth and GPRS

BluePad-55 is the most compact and lightweight Bluetooth enabled versatile mobile payment solution. It accepts all forms of payment: Magnetic stripe, EMV Chip&PIN and Contactless cards and this way delivers power and usability in the smallest convenient and stylish device that fits in the palm of your hand.

The BluePad-55 meets the latest EMV and 
PCI PTS 3.x specifications for encrypting PIN entry devices. Comes with either USB/Bluetooth/Wifi or USB/Bluetooth/GPRS. For a printer choose the Star SM-L200.