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iRoom fixDock


fixDock Stylish and affordable.

iRoom fixDock is a permanent stylish in-wall dock for your iPad that turns it into a flush mounted touch panel at a reasonable price.

The fixDock can not only be integrated in walls, but also in furniture and tables! Whether as a music center, a TV via streaming, as an electronic photo frame or a control panel, your iPad is always at your disposal, as it is loaded into the stylish fixDock that permanently charges the device with the original power supply from Apple.

Fits everywhere

Doesn't matter if in the wall or furniture, the fixDock with its high end glass finish, looks good everywhere.

Simple, Secure & Design Element Fix, flush mounted in-wall charging station for the iPad Air, iPad mini

Aluminum frame in black or nature anodized

Only 2mm overhang from the wall

Black or white Glass bezel

Security Kit (Optional)

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Download Brochure-Mini


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