Heckler H547-BG Uber Eats Take AwayHardware Bundle

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 Uber Eats/McDelivery

McDelivery now has a home in your restaurant. McDelivery Hardware Bundle creates an easy-to-use, reliable system to scale business with delivery orders. This bundle includes everything you need to start delivering meals, just add a CAT cable and an iPad mini 4.

McDelivery is here and your customers are hungry—McDelivery Stand is built to help manage the demand. Laser cut steel, finger-print resistant powdercoat finish, and tamper-resistant assembly. Quality construction that lasts, with clever features you can rely on.

McDelivery Stand includes an integrated power and data adapter to keep your iPad mini charged and connected to a stable internet connection throughout the day.

With wired data, power, and security, McDelivery Stand allows for multiple cable routing options. Route cables out the front chin, out the back or straight down through a hole in the counter. No matter how your store is set up, you'll be able to run cables to your Stand neatly and out of sight of your customers.

Above the bustle of your busy store, McDelivery Stand will let you know when you have important order updates. The Stand includes an integrated loud speaker that amplifies notification alerts to make sure you're always in the loop.

Reliability is paramount. McDelivery Stand includes all the necessary security details to ensure maximum up-time.

In addition to the steel enclosure and tamper-resistant assembly, your Stand features cable security brackets that ensure cables won't come unplugged during use. A Kensington ClickSafe 2.0 Cable Lock is also included, to give you peace of mind that your Stand won't walk away. These robust security features are nested discreetly behind the enclosure.

Your order ships with everything you need to complete your McDelivery system. Includes secure iPad stand, powered speaker, cables, Kensington security cable, and assembly tool. Just add an iPad mini 4 and a CAT cable to complete your McDelivery console. 

In The Box

  • McDelivery/Uber Eats Stand
  • Redpark Net AC Gigabit + Power Adapter
  • Right-angle Lightning cable
  • Misco Z9740 Speaker
  • Speaker power cable
  • Speaker audio cable
  • Kensington ClickSafe 2.0 Cable Lock
  • Assembly hardware

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