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Gloria Food Ethernet Pack

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Gloria Food Ethernet Pack- Star TSP-143 Lan, Box of 20 Thermal Rolls.

Free Online Ordering System For Restaurants.

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bout Gloriafood
The first and so far the Free Online Ordering – since 2013
Relevancy: global, available in almost 40 languages
How it works video:
This platform stands for a "simplified" online ordering experience for small and medium restaurants, designed to be easily handled by anyone.  [optional – see what restaurants say: ]
A professional team of 10—15 people is committed on helping small restaurants gain back control over their customer base, their financial independence and profits. [optional - if you want to refer some link: ]
Unique capabilities:
-          Real-time order confirmations for food clients
-          Facebook, website and mobile ordering apps
-          Best promo and coupons engine in the industry
-          Powerful menu-editor with contextual photo suggestions
-          On-the-fly admin features with fastest setup FTU
-          Sales & SEO optimized website instant-builder
[optional - if you want to refer some link: ]
Why so much is free? This is how we all make money.
This is called “the freemium model” and such ordering solution is the first bringing this model to food industry.
Almost all useful features that are essential for getting orders and creating traction are provided for free.
Paid plans make sense only if a restaurant has enough reasons (aka orders) to decide for upgrading to the next level of online business complexity. This way restaurants are charged less than on alternative solutions but with hundreds (soon to be thousands) of member restaurants plus ecosystem partners around the world, the platform stays operational and allows a large number of value added partners to earn their share too.
Pricing: from free to less than 59 usd/month per location
Pricing:  ]

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