Evolis Colour ribbon, up to 400cards (Hologram) R4213

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Evolis Colour ribbon, up to 400cards

For Securion 

***Evolis colour ribbon (registered hologram), fits For Securion, for up to 400cards 

For official document such as National ID cards, driving licenses, or to reinforce the security of your business or organization, a simple ID badge is not enough.

In a way to protect your interests and your identity, the setting up of a secured identification can be necessary.

Each secured identity solution is unique and involve a number of question to ask before full implementation, for example:

- Lifespan and card resistance
- Level of security: a simple secured identification with impossible to forge but visible elements or a high secured level with hidden or invisible for human eye elements?
- Conception: protection of the front card only or of the both sides?
- The kind of information to include on cards.