Elo 1590 15" Intellitouch Touchscreen monitor

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Suitable for the most varying applications, you also receive nearly all versions of the Elo Touch Solutions 90 Series touchmonitors as a special open-frame variant for integrating into info points, kiosk systems or for self-service systems. The energy-saving monitors range in size, from 10" to 27" and are designed for a long product lifecycle. To this end they go through extensive quality control checks, are made of high-quality materials and feature robust glass touch surfaces.
The Elo 90 Series is available with an entire range of worldwide-leading touch technologies: IntelliTouch for excellent presentation, SecureTouch with vandalism-protected surface wave technology for public areas, innovative robust PCAP 2GS (double-glazed chamber) touch technology and resistive AccuTouch technology for the industry and healthcare sectors. As you see, Elo covers nearly every area for touch applications  whether it is for simple navigation applications or for highly complex multi-player games with up to 10 touch points.

All models of the 90 Series are equipped with extra bright, yet energy-saving LED panels. This keeps the touchmonitors noticeably smaller and more elegant than the previous models, while simultaneously offering a longer lifecycle. The front is still protected against the ingress of dust, dirt and liquids. Additionally, all the models have at least a VGA, display port, USB-B for touch, as well as RJ45 for connecting a practical OSD remote.

Choose between two formats: the classical 4:3 (respectively 5:4) models are available with screen sizes of 12", 15", 17" and 19"; or the widescreen monitors with 10", 15", 20'', 22'', 24'' and 27'' screen sizes. All models feature a large viewing angle, bright presentation, high contrast and high resolution up to 1080p (and, as needed, there are also HDMI-capable models available)  for an optimal user experience. Thanks to the large viewing angle, the picture always remains within the visible range.

Whether embedded in the wall, in furniture, on the ceiling, in the floor, vertically or horizontally  diverse mounting options make integration into the most varying applications simple. The 90 Series is fully backwards compatible with all the models of the last generation. While all the models in the series are constructed of high-quality components, in case of a breakdown, Elo secures your investment with a worldwide warranty of 3 years.

Elo 1590L rev. B, 38.1 cm (15''), IT(elo1590it2326738)
touch monitor (open-frame, 4:3), 38.1 cm (15''), IntelliTouch, 1024x768 pixels, 16ms, contrast: 700:1, VGA, display-port, HDMI, touch interface: USB, RS232, incl.: cable (USB, VGA, HDMI),includes Elo power brick, EU (eloextnt8 - E571601) Elo power brick, PWR-BRICKCAB-LVL5-EU-KR-12V, 50W-R,