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Edikio Flex by Evolis-for designing and printing your price tags

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Three all-in-one solutions for professional price tags

Available May 2017

Evolis offers complete solutions for creating and printing price tags quickly, efficiently, and economically.

Edikio Access-The most affordable all-in-one solution for creating and printing your price tags on plastic cards. Ideal for printing small volumes of single-sided price tags.

Edikio Flex- The flexible all-in-one solution for creating and printing your price tags on plastic cards in standard (credit card) or long format. Ideal for adapting to different display requirements.

Edikio Duplex-The advanced all-in-one solution for creating and printing your price tags on double-sided plastic cards.

Ideal for printing large volumes of double-sided tags. This enables you to display customer information on the front

Each Edikio solution includes:

  • A plastic card printer
  • Dedicated software for creating and printing price tags
  • Food-safe consumables (black PVC cards and white printer ribbons)

The Edikio Flex solution is made up of:

A software for creating and printing price tags

The Standard version of the Edikio software means you can customize your price tags easily by adding your product information, your logo, and your font. Designed to make it easier to create and print single-sided price tags in credit card and long format, the software includes:

  • Several customizable tag templates based on the product sold (fish, meat, bakery counter, etc.)
  • A library of images to maximize the customization of your price tags 
  • An exclusive "chalk" font to give your display stands an authentic look
  • Connection to your Excel databases to make it easier to update and track your prices
  • File management made easier by detection of the most recently updated items
  • Option to protect access to the software with a password 

A tag printer

Capable of managing one or several tag formats, the Edikio Flex printer prints professional-quality, single-sided tags. It's as easy to use as a standard office printer. With all the benefits of the experience and proven quality control of Evolis, the Edikio Flex printer guarantees optimal functioning and a perfect result.

  • Made in France in an ISO9001-certified factory
  • Eco design: prolonged standby mode and reduced electricity consumption
  • 2-year warranty

200 black plastic cards

Spark customer interest with attractive tags. Compatible with food contact, our price tags are easy to clean and resistant to cold and moisture. The long card format allows you to add more information to your price tags or increase the size for better legibility.

  • 200 black PVC cards (100 in credit card format and 100 in long format)
  • Dimensions for credit card format: 85.6 x 54 mm - 0.76 mm thick
  • Dimensions for long format: 150 x 50 mm - 0.50 mm thick

The print ribbon

ISEGA certified, our white ribbons are compatible with food contact. The quality of their ink gives your price tags a professional look. The long-lasting ribbon enables 1000 price tags to be printed in credit card format.