Datalogic QuickScan QM2131 1D barcodes scanner

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Datalogic QuickScan QM2131

Capture wide 1D barcodes wirelessly

The Datalogic QuickScan QM2131 is designed for applications which exclusively work with 1D barcodes, yet for users who wish to utilize the advantages of imaging technology. A key factor in achieving this is its increased durability, thanks to no moving components, as well as the possibility of capturing barcodes from a smartphone display. The STAR cordless system 2.0 wireless technology allows for scanning without interference of the radio network - through Wi-Fi or obstructions such as walls. The effective range is up to 25 m. Thanks to its multi-interface you connect the scanner via USB, KBW and RS232. This keeps you flexible and makes any future change of the connection type simple. Replace the 1,400 mAh rechargeable battery without tools and charge it without the charging station simply by plugging it in. Per battery charge you perform up to 30,000 scans. The QM2131 works at a speed of up to 400 scans/second. The good read confirmation occurs via an acoustic signal, the Datalogic Green Spot or a notification LED.

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Datalogic QuickScan I QM2131, 1D, multi-IF, kit (USB), black (dlqm2131us - QM2131-BK-433K1)
cordless scanner, retail, 1D, linear imager, 400 scans/sec., multi-interface (RS232, KBW, USB), cordless, 433 MHz, IP42, incl.: cable (USB), charging/transmitter cradle, colour: black