Citizen CT-S801II Thermal Printer

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With the new direct thermal printer CT-S801II, Citizen presents a powerful receipt printer that sets new standards in speed and performance, as well as in simple operation and service. The integrated LCD display not only simplifies configuration, but also significantly increases user-friendliness, especially for troubleshooting. The decades of experience in developing print systems, as well as the innovation of concept and design, successfully merge in the CT-S801II. The printer not only reacts professionally to the needs of the market, but rather surpasses these.

The integrated LCD display is the key for easy user operation. Along with messages and status information, all error messages are shown on the display. The easy navigation is guaranteed via the user buttons, whereby uninterrupted use is ensured even for untrained personnel. Especially effective is the off-site diagnosis: errors are directly reported from customers and are clearly assigned by them; the users correct the problem themselves via the instructions – device breakdowns are thus corrected within a few seconds. Moreover, they conduct maintenance and replacement procedures within a brief time directly on-site: a defective cutter is replaced within 30 seconds, the printer head in 90 seconds.

At up to 300 mm per second, the CT-S801II is one of the fastest direct thermal POS printers on the market. Customers print high-quality receipts in up to 16 greyscale grades, with 8 dots/mm (203 dpi). Paper widths of 58, 60, 80 and 82.5 mm, as well as paper grades of 65 and 150 µm are professionally printed with text, graphics and 2D barcodes. In a split second, the integrated cutter cleanly separates receipts almost noiselessly and makes them available to the user. In addition, complete and partial cuts can be selected using commands. The Quick Clear technology clears paper jams in the cutter module in a single process: if the cutter is jammed from objects or shredded receipts in the cutting area, opening the front cover automatically resets it back in its basic position, thanks to the integrated »self-retracting system«, and it is again immediately ready for use.

To replace receipt rolls, the entire cover opens with only one touch, giving direct access to the periphery of the device and providing more room when reloading. Cumbersome threading of receipts is no longer necessary: simply insert and close the lid – finished! The ingenious aspect here: the soft-opening and soft-closing mechanism prevents jammed fingers.

Despite these first-class features in ergonomics and design, the CT-S801II humbles itself at the POS or office desk with its compact footprint. The PSU is integrated into the housing, standard, reducing cable clutter. In the event of damage, the PSU is replaced in a few easy steps. If needed, in order to reduce the dimensions even further, you simply disassemble the integrated adapter shell and run the printer with an external PSU.