Citizen CBM910II/920 Dot Matrix Printer

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 Dot Matrix Printers

The Citizen CBM-910II/CBM920 dot-matrix printer series is the perfect solution for space-saving receipt printing in the industry and in production. They print logs, lists and tickets at high speed and quality while their robust technology makes them last extremely long. Very popular for payment transactions, they are often seen in money counting and testing machines or used for archivable lists.

The printer is available as a desktop variant (CBM-910II) and an installation variant (CBM-920). The compact size (106 x 180 x 88 mm) of the desktop variant makes placement easy and a large range of applications possible.

With these compact dot-matrix printers, print receipts and logs at up to 2.5 rows per second. The integrated tear-off edge separates the receipts cleanly. All versions accept standard receipt rolls with a maximum width of 58 mm. The printing width is divided into 24 or 40 columns: at 24 columns the printer uses characters with a size of 1.6 x 2.4 mm and at 40 a font size of up to 1.1 x 2.4 mm. Users change receipt rolls of a maximum diameter of 80 mm (CBM-910II) within a few seconds. The CBM920 allows you to refill rolls from the front. The entire front cover can be opened for easy access and handling, while threading is accomplished automatically with auto loading.

For system integration, the device is equipped with a serial and a parallel interface. The included external AC adaptor supplies the printer with a low-voltage power supply of 7 V (CBM-910II) or 5 V (CBM-920). Consequently, connection to alternative power supplies and integration into existing machines or computers is made very easy.