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Socket Mobile

Socket CHS Series 7 QX Scanner Charging Stand

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The QX Stand is a charging stand for the CHS Series 7 barcode scanners. It is designed to remain secure on any flat surface where you need to maximize barcode scanning efficiency and productivity. The ingenious design incorporates a small magnet built into the top of the mounting arch that makes contact with the magnet housed on the bottom of the scanners, helping to firmly secure the scanner to the QX Stand.


  • Supports Mobile Coupons* - Customers can scan their mobile coupons to redeem merchandise or present electronic coupons and tickets by passing their mobile devices under the barcode scanner.

  • Quick Release* - The QX Stands' quick release mechanism facilitates a seamless transition between Stand Mode and Mobile Mode.

  • Customers keep control of their devices* - The QX Stand will enable customers to securely scan mobile coupons without relinquishing control of their mobile devices.

  • Charging - The QX Stand contains contacts designed to match the CHS Series 7 scanners charging pins enabling the scanner to charge & operate under AC power when mounted in the QX Stand. An LED indicates power connection. An AC adapter with a USB cable is included.

  • Elegant & Functional - The QX Stands' design was carefully chosen to match the CHS ​Series 7 scanner style of form and function.

  • Secure mounting - The QX Stands' robust design is specifically engineered for secure mounting of the CHS scanner. A magnet embedded in the QX Stand guides the CHS Series 7 scanner into alignment and holds it in place. 

  • Stationary with a twist - The QX Stands' docking arch is mounted using a gimbal & socket to allow a 360 degree rotation and 3D tilt.

  • The Scanner Knows* - The QX Stands' detection pins lets the scanner know it is mounted on a QX Stand. This facilitates a dynamic user environment when moving the scanner from the QX Stand to the hand.

  • Smart SDK* - With the SDK your App can configure the CHS 7Qi and 7Xi scanner to generate a good scan LED, beep tone, or vibrate indication when mounted in the QX Stand and with a different good scan configuration when the scanner is Mobile/in your hand.  For the 7Qi and 7Xi, your App can also configure Unattended Mode.

*With 7Qi and 7Xi 2D barcode scanners only

Physical Characteristics


  • Stand Height: 8.75 in (222 mm)

  • Holder Width: 1.80 in (46 mm)

  • Holder Length: 5.5 in (140 mm)

  • Base Diameter: 5.75 in (146 mm)

Total Mass:

  • Without Scanner and AC Adapter: 16 oz (454 g)

  • With Scanner and without AC Adapter: 17.6 oz (500 g)

Antimicrobial Rating:

  • JIS Z2801:2000 Test: 2.49 on MRSA 6.07 if cleaned with Sani-Cloth Plus cloth wipes

  • Biosafe HM4100, EPA# 83019-1

Included Items

  • QX Stand in three pieces (Holder, Base, Stem), minor assembly required

  • 1A AC Adapter (international plugs available for EMEA)

  • 2m USB Charging Cable


  • 90 days


  • Complies with Part 15, FCC Rules

  • RoHS: Directive 2002/9S/EC


Key Features

Key Features

 Like our CHS ​Series 7 barcode scanners, the QX Charging Stand was designed with aesthetics, ease-of-use, and performance. 

  • Easy to secure the QX Stand to your countertop with a weighted base, magnets, and keyholes.  Gimbal & socket for easy set-up of the Scanner.

  • Charges your CHS Series 7 when not in use.

  • Charging Pins and Magnetic facilitate Grab’n’Go feature when the scanner is removed (to scan and/or go in-aisle to sell) and then reseated in the QX Stand. (Applies to the CHS 7Qi & 7Xi scanners only)

  • Lanyard can still be used with the QX Stand​.

  • The CHS 7Qi and 7Xi scanners support Unattended Mode (Presentation Scan, AC Power w/Battery Charge, Good Scan LED & Beep Indication, Vibrate Off) and then transition to Mobile Mode (Trigger Scan, Battery Power, user selected LED/Beep/Vibrate good scan indications) when removed from the QX Stand.



Hardware Features:




  • Built-in hook and cradle to securely hold the scanner in place

  • Magnet ensures proper alignment for charging

  • Audible beep (adjustable) provides confirmation when the scanner is properly seated

  • Gimbal & socket with thumb-lock screw enable 360 rotation and front/back tilt

  • Lanyard can still be used with the QX Stand


  • Rubber feet and a weighted base prevents sliding

  • Magnets to hold the QX Stand on a metal surface

  • Keyholes to screw-mount the QX Stand to a surface (option)


  • MicroUSB for connection to AC Adapter (included)

  • QX Stand microLED indicates power connection

  • Scanner LED indicates when it is fully charged (solid green)