Honeywell Voyager MK9540 Laser Scanner-USB

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The model Voyager 9540 Voyager extends the various features of the successful Voyager 9520 model even further. Basically, the Voyager 9540 has the same specifications as the slightly cheaper Voyager 9520 model. The elegant housing contains a laser engine that scans barcodes fast and error-free at 72 scans per second. The Voyager 9540 also has a programmable decoder that is responsible for decoding and transferring barcodes to the computer.
In addition to the basic features that also come with the Voyager 9520, the Voyager 9540 implements the patented CodeGate function for convenient reading of barcodes. This unique scanning technology makes barcode scanning for most users not only easier but also safer: whenever a barcode comes into scanning range, the barcode sensor activates the scanner automatically. Without CodeGate, scanned barcodes will be decoded immediately and sent to the Computer automatically. This is certainly practical and convenient, but not always the best for all applications: while scanning several barcodes from lists at a time, incorrect barcodes may be submitted easily. For this reason Honeywell has designed the CodeGate button for the Voyager 9540. The button is ergonomically situated on top of the scanner’s housing and can be conveniently operated by thumb. If the CodeGate function is activated, the scanner still activates itself automatically and scans the barcode. The barcode information, how­ever, is only transferred to the computer when the user presses the CodeGate button to confirm that it is the correct barcode. This function always comes in handy when it is important that only correct barcodes are transferred. CodeGate scanners are not only useful for menu scanning from lists. If packaging contains more than just one barcode (e.g. with mobile phones, electronic products, medical products) a CodeGate scanner is indispensable. The Voyager 9540 CodeGate function can be activated or deactivated easily by scanning a control barcode. Without ­CodeGate the Voyager 9540 is operated like the Voyager 9520.

Honeywell scanners with keyboard wedge interface usually work properly with the power supplied by the PC keyboard port. Some PC mainboards do not supply sufficient power for that. In this case, please order the additional power supply »ms9520nt«, compatible with all Honeywell keyboard wedge scanners.


Price is for USB . If you require RS232 or KBW versions please contact us.

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